Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brinlee Bug

My sweet Brinlee has been busy growing up way too fast. She is seven months old now and is sitting up on her own and trying lots of new foods, She doesn't like rice cereal very much, isn't too sure about sweet potatoes and loves bananas, oatmeal and the little puffs for babies. She also loves the chips and french fries that Daddy sneaks to her. She always begs daddy for his food cause she knows he will give in. Luckily he is good about keeping an eye on her so she doesn't choke. Brinlee is a happy baby unless she is tired, hungry or poopy, then we see "angry baby" Brinlee which isn't very fun. Brinlee's favorite thing is her johnny jumper. She would jump all day long. She also loves watching her siblings and "playing" with them. I look back at where we have come with Brinlee and I feel so blessed. I feel like we are finally able to have a "normal" baby experience with her. She sleeps through the night and is such a blessing to our family. her siblings adore her and so does everyone who comes in contact with her. People are drawn to our sweet baby girl. She has such a special spirit and I think people sense that. In stake conference recently someone quoted a county song and said "thank you for unanswered prayers" I second that. We prayed Brinlee would be born whole, but I feel blessed that she wasn't, if that makes sense, because her trials have blessed me and our family so much and I know they will continue to do so. She is my little angel and I love her so much. I feel blessed to be her mom and take care of her for my Heavenly Father. He must see a lot more in me than I do in myself to entrust me with such a precious little girl.

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Laura and Laron Ross Family said...

I haven't checked out blogs for a long time, but your kids are so cute and Brinlee is a blessing and to your family and so many others.