Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brinlee Bug

My sweet Brinlee has been busy growing up way too fast. She is seven months old now and is sitting up on her own and trying lots of new foods, She doesn't like rice cereal very much, isn't too sure about sweet potatoes and loves bananas, oatmeal and the little puffs for babies. She also loves the chips and french fries that Daddy sneaks to her. She always begs daddy for his food cause she knows he will give in. Luckily he is good about keeping an eye on her so she doesn't choke. Brinlee is a happy baby unless she is tired, hungry or poopy, then we see "angry baby" Brinlee which isn't very fun. Brinlee's favorite thing is her johnny jumper. She would jump all day long. She also loves watching her siblings and "playing" with them. I look back at where we have come with Brinlee and I feel so blessed. I feel like we are finally able to have a "normal" baby experience with her. She sleeps through the night and is such a blessing to our family. her siblings adore her and so does everyone who comes in contact with her. People are drawn to our sweet baby girl. She has such a special spirit and I think people sense that. In stake conference recently someone quoted a county song and said "thank you for unanswered prayers" I second that. We prayed Brinlee would be born whole, but I feel blessed that she wasn't, if that makes sense, because her trials have blessed me and our family so much and I know they will continue to do so. She is my little angel and I love her so much. I feel blessed to be her mom and take care of her for my Heavenly Father. He must see a lot more in me than I do in myself to entrust me with such a precious little girl.

Cassi's first time at the dentist

Cassi went tot he dentist for the first time in January. She did do good and actually sat still. She loved having her teeth cleaned and loved all the attention she got. She didn't have any cavities either which made mom very happy. My little girl is growing up and I sure love her.

Matthew turns Five

Matthew turned five on February 9th. He had three birthday parties, one with the Ewell's, one with the Buchanan's and a dress-up party with his friends. Scott and I gave him his own camelbak so he can go hiking with Scott and Wyatt (the big boys). he was very excited about it and Scott took them hiking that weekend. Matthew also had to get kindergarten shots which he was excited for because he would get a toy afterward, but when he actually got the shots it hurt more than he thought and he wasn't so excited anymore. Poor guy. I can't believe he will start kindergarten next year. he is so excited to go to Wyatt's school and ride the bus with Wyatt. he loves and looks up to his big brother so much. Matthew in a nutshell... he is very cuddly and is always hugging and kissing me and telling me he loves me, he loves to build with legos, blocks and anything he can find, he loves to color and do puzzles, he loves to go to preschool and he loves to play with superheros and house with Cassi and his best friend Charlotte. he has to kiss Brinlee anytime he is near her and recently wants to hold her all the time. He is in his own little world most of the time, but he is a smarty pants!

What Matthew and Cassi have been up to...

Matthew and Cassi are either best friends or worst enemies. Most of the time best friends thankfully. They play together most of the day and they are usually playing like they are dogs or cats, playing superheroes or house and they love to play in or climb on Matthew's swing. They love to play with Brinlee too and get very upset when she is taking a nap. Watching these two little monkeys play all day is very entertaining to say the least. never a dull moment at our house. As you can see one day, mommy made goo for them to play in. Very messy, but fun!


Wyatt started karate in November and loves it. On March 5th he had a belt promotion and earned his yellow belt and on March 25th he had his first karate tournament and got 4th place. We are so proud of him. Karate has given him a lot of confidence and it is a great bonding time for him and his dad since Scott signed up for karate too.

Wyatt turns seven

Wyatt turned seven on January 27th ( I am a little behind on my blog) He had three parties, one with the Ewell's, one with the Buchanan's and a super hero party with his friends. He got very spoiled and is very happy to be seven. Scott and I gave him a new bike since he had outgrown his old one. Matthew was also excited because he got Wyatt's old bike. I can't believe my little boy is so grown up. Some things about my seven year old... He loves to read (finally) and is reading chapter books now, he loves science and bugs, he loves to hold his baby sister and recently discovered he can carry her around, which makes mom a little nervous, but he is very careful with her, he loves school and karate and loves to make brownies with mom. I love my big boy and I am so proud of him.
The superhero pictures are with Wyatt's best friends Bondon, Zack and River.