Saturday, March 26, 2011

Matthew turns Five

Matthew turned five on February 9th. He had three birthday parties, one with the Ewell's, one with the Buchanan's and a dress-up party with his friends. Scott and I gave him his own camelbak so he can go hiking with Scott and Wyatt (the big boys). he was very excited about it and Scott took them hiking that weekend. Matthew also had to get kindergarten shots which he was excited for because he would get a toy afterward, but when he actually got the shots it hurt more than he thought and he wasn't so excited anymore. Poor guy. I can't believe he will start kindergarten next year. he is so excited to go to Wyatt's school and ride the bus with Wyatt. he loves and looks up to his big brother so much. Matthew in a nutshell... he is very cuddly and is always hugging and kissing me and telling me he loves me, he loves to build with legos, blocks and anything he can find, he loves to color and do puzzles, he loves to go to preschool and he loves to play with superheros and house with Cassi and his best friend Charlotte. he has to kiss Brinlee anytime he is near her and recently wants to hold her all the time. He is in his own little world most of the time, but he is a smarty pants!

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