Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wyatt turns seven

Wyatt turned seven on January 27th ( I am a little behind on my blog) He had three parties, one with the Ewell's, one with the Buchanan's and a super hero party with his friends. He got very spoiled and is very happy to be seven. Scott and I gave him a new bike since he had outgrown his old one. Matthew was also excited because he got Wyatt's old bike. I can't believe my little boy is so grown up. Some things about my seven year old... He loves to read (finally) and is reading chapter books now, he loves science and bugs, he loves to hold his baby sister and recently discovered he can carry her around, which makes mom a little nervous, but he is very careful with her, he loves school and karate and loves to make brownies with mom. I love my big boy and I am so proud of him.
The superhero pictures are with Wyatt's best friends Bondon, Zack and River.

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